Baku Blog Day 12

Vision editor Hassan Yusuf reports from Baku, Azerbaijan – home to Eurovision 2012.

Not much to report today – we’re all waiting for the live Semi-Final Two show which starts here at midnight.

Security seems to have been increased an extra notch. I swear half the population is employed in the security services. Still, better safe than sorry.

Had a wander in the old city earlier – very nice. Baku was obviously an old port protected by high walls. There’s a rather long tower that will probably offer great views of the city. The sea front here is also very nice.

The show tonight will be quite exciting – there are fours songs that I really want to go through – Netherlands, Ukraine, Turkey and Estonia.

Alexander Rybak, Norway’s winner from 2009, is giving a press conference. I really can’t be bothered. How many times do we have to listen to Fairytale?

May possibly do a quick interview with Italy’s Nina Zilli for Vision magazine this afternoon.

I may be back tonight with the results of the lucky ten that have got through to the final, along with their performance placements.