Malmo Blog DAY 6 Saturday 11th May

Just experimenting loading pics. Here's Despina from Cyprus

Just experimenting loading pics. Here’s Despina from Cyprus via from her second rehearsal last night

And here's Ryan from Ireland doing his bit

And here’s Ryan from Ireland doing his bit

This is Hass Yusuf, editor of Vision magazine, reporting live from Malmo.

Disclaimer: As this is being written live as the action happens, please expect typos, bad grammar, missing words and the like. Just go with the flow.

It’s going to be another long day together – 17 rehearsals – all the second ones for semi-final two.

I think I must have gone to every press conference yesterday. That won’t be the case today. I’ve got to man the OGAE International desk for a few hours today, but if there’s anything remotely to report from any press conference missed, I’ll find out and let you know.

Latvia are the first on today. Too much jumping around for my liking on a Saturday afternoon. But they set a nice happy mood for the day. At their press conference was a hoot. PeR are a bunch of happy chappies. They sang a great version beatbox version of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry.

Right – three hours have passed since I wrote that bit about Latvia, I’ve been manning the OGAE organisation desk. I seemed to have persuaded about 50 people passing up to vote on who they think will get through to the finals. Just to give you a snapshot of things: The top five songs from semi-final one are: Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Ukraine and Russia/Ireland. From seem-final two: Azerbaijan, Norway, Greece, Finland and Iceland/San Marino.

Anyway, I’ve got back to watching on the screens a bunch of Greeks in skirts having a lot fun.

While I was at the Fan Desk, I got interviewed by two TV crews – from Estonia and from a Swedish crew producing an interview. I think that’s enough media whoring for today.

Covering for me at some of the press conferences was Paul Marks-Jones, our OGAE UK President. his is what Paul had to say:

Macedonia’s’s second rehearsal was better – they are happier with the stage and the sound. They described their entry as youth and experience coming together –  Lozanos youth and Esmas’s 55 years of stage experience. Lozano described Esma as a national treasure and is so happy to be singing with her. Our very own Schlagerboys asked Esma about her dress – it’s designed by Helan Luca and in encrusted with Swarowski Crystals – so now you know! And apparently Esma brought up 48 Children….so maybe that is what she’s hiding under her dress 😉

The Azeris are very happy now, even though they are on the fourth glass box! Farid said Sweden was his favourite country and he is loving being here. When asked about the Greek composer he told everyone Eurovision brings everyone together, so why should songs not be collaborative. As for his plans after Eurovision – well he’s concentrating on this project right now so he does not know if he’ll continue with music or sport.

The Finns stomped in wearing pink onsies! They were very happy with rehearsal, and treated us to a rendition of Fangad Av En Stormwind before showing her party trick of a somersault. When questioned about the lesbian kiss, Krista stated it’s 2013, so she can kiss who she likes and is fine with that!

Thank you Paul. Sounds like I missed a lot of fun. Wish I could do a somersault.

At the Icelandic press conference we were treated to a superb rendering of their song in acapella. Eythor misses his three kids while he here’s in Malmo. The host of the press conferences said he had an image of Jesus about him  – as he did star on stage in Jesus Chris Superstar – and if he was religious. He replied that religious should be personal to each person. As for his memories of Eurovision – he remembers watching Paul Oscar’s rather naughty song – and wanted some of that! It was extremely cold when shooting his video as the sea was at least minus three degrees.

Due to timelapse typography, it’s been many hours since I wrote the above. It just seems more hectic today, rushing around trying to do two things at once.

Just come back from seeing Georgia perform on stage – excellent. Also watched the first run-through for my favourite song – Switzerland. Oh dear. Great song and performance – but they just stand there. It’s not a sort of song that you stand still for. I’m afraid it’s just going to get lost among other acts who utilise the stage more effectively. Oh well, hopefully I’m completely wrong.

Anyway, back to the press conferences. both Paul and myself managed to miss both the Maltese and Bulgarian ones. And I’m going to miss the last two tonight – Switzerland and Romania (they start at 10.0pm), as they really finish too late and I want to go the Belarus party at the Euroclub which starts at 11.00pm.

Romania are on the screen now. Cezar seemed to have shaved his chest (but not deep enough). That won’t help him much.

Anyway, I shall call it a day and come back tomorrow with a few words about some of the press conferences not mentioned.