Malmo Blog DAY 11 Thursday 16th May

Hass Yusuf, editor of Vision magazine, reporting from Malmo

Happy semi-final two day everyone.

Time for predictions – who are the ten acts that our small entourage think will get through to the final. You can play his at home.

As usual, we’re voting with our heads, not our hearts – difficult as that may be.

David Philpott
San Marino, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Albania, Georgia, Switzerland

David Ransted
San Marino, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Greece, Norway, Albania, Georgia, Switzerland, Romania

Robin Scott
San Marino, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Norway, Georgia, Romania

David Elder
Latvia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Armenia, Norway, Albania, Georgia

Hass Yusuf
San Marino, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Hungary, Norway, Georgia, Romania

A bit more variation this time from us.

This was very tough – I had to leave out my favourite song of the contest – Switzerland. I would much rather have that go through instead of Romania. And surely Malta deserves to go through as well – at the expense of Israel – but Moran Muzor produces a great performance. And I’m taking a risk by ignoring Albania – great rock sound. That might go through instead of San Marino. It would be fab to see tiny San Marino in the final.

Oh well, we shall see.

Enjoy the show. Not long until the final now. And by the way, the UK will be singing in the second half of the final – position 24, 25, or 26 would suit us fine! Fingers crossed.