Malmo Blog DAY 12 Friday 17th May

This is Hass Yusuf, editor of Vision magazine, reporting from Malmo.

Well, wasn’t that an exciting show last night! I got seven out of ten correct as did David Elder, David Philpott got six correct, as did David Ransted, but Robin Scott led the way again with eight correct guesses. A few surprises – most of us thought Macedonia would get through. But we were all delighted that Hungary and little Malta made it through! Much disappointment for San Marino though.

Here is the full running order:

  1. France
  2. Lithuania
  3. Moldova
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Estonia
  8. Belarus
  9. Malta
  10. Russia
  11. Germany
  12. Armenia
  13. The Netherlands
  14. Romania
  15. United Kingdom
  16. Sweden
  17. Hungary
  18. Denmark
  19. Iceland
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Greece
  22. Ukraine
  23. Italy
  24. Norway
  25. Georgia
  26. Ireland

Before lasy night’s contest, OGAE UK had a gathering at the Eurocafe where we interviewed  live on TV for Swedish – and nit so live for a special feature on ITV’s Daybreak show. Here are some photos of the event. Full report in the next issue of Vision magazine.



Today at the Press Centre I’m going to watch the first dress rehearsal for the grand final tomorrow night.

But first, I thought I would present you with a little video diary…

Now, we’ve been given position 15. Not ideal — I was hoping Swedish TV would put an international star like Bonnie near the end of the show to give an fighting chance. Still, never mind – I’m confident the UK will do very well.

As usual, I’m going to do a snapshot of each performance.

And here we go.

Back to Baku. A little caterpillar travels through Europe. Get to Sweden. Turns into a butterfly. How very charming.

Here’s a choir. All the artists appearing one by one headed by flag-wavers. Very Olympics. Superbly done. Europe is one.

Here’s Petra in pink. Still hasn’t done her hair yet. Australian family.

Bit of a hitch at the moment. It’s why they have these dress rehearsals – iron out the problems now. Something’s definitely gone wrong.

Anyway, here we go!

Here’s Amandine.  Drums beating. She’s a vision in black tassels.Purple eyeshadow. Stroking microphone stand. Playimg with tassels. Gold bracket. Waving. She’s drunk. Getting manic. Frantic. she’s going for a walk. waving head. Screaming. Great start.


Here he is – in the dreaded number two slot. Looking bored and sleepy. Leather jacket. Four singers in background. Eyes. Arm gestures. Scary shots. Hand gestures. Pleading hands – please vote for me. Tommy Cooper impersonations. I like it.


Piano with dancers. Fog. Everyone in white.  Golden red hair. More fog, Dancers can’t keep still. They’re telling a story. Dress turning pink. Lightning. Up she goes! Will she stop? Come back girl! Fire! Piano. Very nice.

Ding dong, Bride. Masked girls dressed as blokes. Two girlie singers. Up she rises. Ding dong. Teeth and smiles. Up she goes again. Marching. Ding dong. Big veil. Wind machine, Fireworks. Blokes turn into bridesmaid in cheap pink C&A outfits. Lesbian kiss. Ding dong.

Bagpipes. Fading in – dressed in yellow.  Here’s the other members of the band. Key change – up goes the beat. Fireworks. She’s barefoot. Going for a walk on the catwalk. Fab.

Angst singers. Big eyes. Floppy hair. Grey suit.  Dancers behind him. Molesting him? Stroking. Chicken-style dancing. ?????  What are they doing? Backing singers being ignored. Angst dancing. They’re telling some sort of story. Grab! Yes – grab those votes!

Scenes from Estonia. Socks?
Birds eye view. Here’s the singer in black and white. Long white dress. Very virginal. Fog. Don’t fall over luv!  Backing singers have arrived. Reaching to the sky. More fog.  Very nice.


Dancers in white. Fog, Silver globe. Out she come all in silver and blue tassels. Legs go on forever. Singers appear, Dancers attempting to upstage her. Cha-cha. Let’s al cha-cha. Embracing  arms. Cha-cha. Arms galore. Cha-cha. Flames. Rums.  Flames. Cha-cha. Can you feel the heat? Cha-cha. High jumps. Cha-cha. Fireworks. What’s not to like? Cha-cha.

Little guitar. Teeth. Smiles. Eyebrows. Going for a walk. Where’s he going? Leave my hat alone! Drums. Listen. What’s that? I can’t hear you! Catwalk. Touch me! Touch me! Bench. Shift over, I’m the star y’know.

She comes into focus. Dressed in pink. Not revealing much. Balloons. Globes. Arms. Singers appear dressed in white. Two singers handled balloons – thrown into audience. Calling ambulance. Only kidding. Blue silvery finish. Very nice.

Spotlights. On a glass platform. Don’t fall over luv! Fog. Are you coming down girl? No?  Nice tattoos on arm. Finally coming down. Do join us. Fireworks. Spot on!

Fog. More fog. Birds eye view. Hair and teeth. Bright lights. Guitar close up. One finger sign – that’s rude.  Up yours too mate.  Guitar. Flames. Flames all over.

Lynda Woodruff is back – very funny.

Silver light. Coming into focus. Dressed in grey and black. Out of focus. Back in focus again. Wind. Silver light. Birds flying off. Wind, Birds. Padlock. Singers in black. Good to see them. Standing still throughout. Fab.

Fog. Don’t fret – it’s not Gary Glitter. Red sea of waves.  Up he goes a notch. Out come the dancers. All red and black. He’s going for those notes. The fog’s back. This red blanket is covering s multitude of sins. Fireworks. It’s raining glitter all over the place.

Here’s our Bonnie. Golden spotlights. Dressed in black.  Going for a walk among the band. All round the stage. Up the catwalk.  Wind machine. And up she rises on an UFO! Brilliant. Go Bonnie!

The weight of the host nation rests on his shudders. Dressed in magnolia. Frantic dancers. Standing on a platform. He’s not that tall. Meeting his dancers. All together now. Off they go their separate ways. Just him and twin dancers now. Get off the ground chaps. Fireworks.A rainfall of sparkles. Enjoyable.

Guitarist. Cap. Didn’t wash his hair. Glasses. Guitar. Female singer. Guitarist. Cap. Etc. I can’t be bothered. Listening to song instead.

Flute. Yellow spotlight. Here she is on the floor in white. Silver armband. Drummers. Up she gets. Flute. Staring hard. Hands. Going for a walk. Passionate hand gestures. Big drums. Raining fire. No umbrella for her. Don’t get burnt!


I’m all alone. Like my hair?  My heart is yours. I embrace you all.  I love you all. I’m posing like Jesus Christ. Come and join me backing singers.

On top of box. Let me out of this box! Upside down. Fog. I can se your bum. Down I go. Sliding down. Come back. Not while there’s this babe in red. Let me out! It’s raining petals in here. Help! Such passion. I still can’t out. I’m stuck her forever. Who’s going to hold me?

Little buzuki. Nice kilts. Knees. Slow motion. Here we go. Move it baby! Move it! Teeth. Knock it out. Jump. Accordian. Guitar. Old geezer. Kilts. Running. Old geezer. Accordion. He’s back. Drums. It’s gone dark. Light up!  No, no. Shouting. Trumpet. Dancing. Up go the legs. Not too high lads.


Giant carrying babe. Ground shaking. Dressed in white. Standing on rock. Fog.  Ooops, she’s stopped. Her ear-piece isn’t working.
Here we go again.
Giant carrying babe. Ground shaking. Dressed in white. Standing on rock. Fog.  Hand fluttering. Lightning. Singers appear. More hand fluttering. Fog’s still there. Following the camera. Don’t fall off your rock sweetheart. Flutter, flutter, flutter. Cheap Fireworks.

Here’s Marco – good, he’s had a shave. Wearing a dapper suit. Standing there. Going for a walk. So simple. Great sound. Come on Italy!

A vision in white. Fade out. Drummer in background. Spotlight.  Having a boogie. Nice hair. The world is not enough for her. Though she can’t move far in that dress.

Fog. He’s all alone. I’m pointing at you. More fog. There she is.  Lights. I can see you now. Let’s embrace. Hello luv. Hold my hand. I’m standing behind you know. Fog blasts. Waterfall of lights. Let’s stretch out together.  Watch where you’re putting your hands – I’m a married woman. Wind.

Drums. Leather.  Tattoes. Oil. Muscles. More drums. Here’s our man all dressed in leather. Big drums. Spotlights. Drums.  Two female singers – with tops on. Just all drums and singing. Drums. Muscles. Oil. Tattoos. Drums. Muscles. Oil. Tattoos. Sweat. You get the drift. All in red and black. Fireworks. What a great ending!

So there you have it. At the beginning of the national final season, there were moans of being  a disappointing year – what rubbish – this is a superb final! It’s going to be be very hard to predict.

Finland stands a good chance – very modern and Katy Perry. Norway just has a great sound. And Denmark offers great drama. There are no ex-Yugoslav countries left in the final, so most f the votes will probably go to Greece – or Romania. All the muslim votes across Europe will probably go to Azerbaijan. Georgia will also demand a lot of votes from all its neighbours.

Personally, the best song in the contest for me is by the brilliant Anouk for the Netherlands, so I would love that to win. For a first-time winner, I would like Malta or Hungary to be recognised.

May come back later on with top ten predictions.