Malmo Blog DAY 13/14 Saturday 18th/Sunday 19th May

This is Hass Yusuf with his last report from Malmo!

So the favourite won! Well done to Denmark. Much sadness for the UK again. Bonnie Tyler did her best for us – so deserves our thanks. She was a great ambassador for the UK.

A full report from all the activities in Malmo, along with analysis of the voting results,  will appear in the next issue of Vision magazine, out sometime in July.

It’s been a hectic two weeks – Malmo was a great host – finally saw some of the city on Saturday afternoon via a lovely little boat tour. A lovely green and quaint town. Everyone here was friendly and helpful. Only saw one chav spitting and smoking at the central station, but for a city of 300,000, that’s not bad going!

STV put on three great shows. Standing for those three shows is still an issue though. I don’t think it would’ve made for a lesser TV show if the fans were seated – they would’ve all got up and waved their flags when required. The views – for the money we paid – we’re to be honest, lousy (because of all the standing on one level) – but the atmosphere in the arena is the reason why we all go. And I would like to thank my little entourage of friends for making these past two weeks enjoyable/bearable: David Ransted, David Philpott, David Elder and Robin Scott.

Not much sleep was had in our little Eurovision bubble – but well done Sweden. See you all next year – probably in Copenhagen. Start saving the pennies now!

This is Hass Yusuf signing off.