Copenhagen Blog: Day 4

Hass Yusuf, editor of Vision magazine reporting from Copenhagen. Photographs by David Ransted.

It’s a May Day holiday here in Denmark, so there are no rehearsals today, so just a quick update.

Went to the Eurofan Cafe last night. A nice venue with various rooms. We’ll be having the OGAE UK get-together this time next week before the Semi-Final 2 live show. It’s on Radhusstraede and there’s a big sign going down that says ‘HUSET’.

Tomorrow the second set of rehearsals start and the press will finally be allowed into the arena. So far the stage looks great on the screens.

David and myself are spending the morning checking seating arrangements for all you lucky members (who have bought tickets from the club) coming over here. Our work here is never done.

Might be back later if anything exciting occurs.