Copenhagen Blog: Day 11

Hass Yusuf, editor of Vision magazine reporting from Copenhagen. Photographs by David Ransted.

Disclaimer: Apologies for any typos, bad grammar,  missing words, etc. These blogs are being written live as the action happens.

Just a short update today. Nothing is really happening. In the arena the final rehearsal for Semi-Final 2 is in progress – all read for the live show this evening!

Only 15 songs tonight – and then will go through to the grand final on Saturday.

So, just a few words about Copenhagen – well like the song says, it’s wonderful. So civilised. You have a nice combination of old-style buildings with at ease with modern linear constructions.

It is a green city – lots of greenery – and lots of cyclists. Cycle lanes galore. You do have to watch out for them. The automated Metro system is really well run – and offers a 24-hour service! No need for any late shift for drivers! While unmanned machinery may go against my socialist principles, I have to admit the service is great. And if the stations are closed, there’s an immediate bus replacement service.

And the Danes – a good-looking race I must admit ­­ – are really chilled out and take things very easy. And most of them speak English. How very civilized.

The only bad thing I have to say about the city is the dreadful area around the Eurovision arena. Transport getting to the arena is generally awful – but they did put on extra buses during the  public show nights. On Tuesday night after giving out tickets to OGAE UK members a bunch of us took a boat-bus to the island for the Semi-Final 1 live show. There we were flying the Union Jack.  The Danish navy may have thought it was a mini-British invasion! Of course they knew better than to confront us. I’m sure we’ve got an aircraft carrier in the North Sea somewhere.

Mind you, were both NATO and EU members, so I guess we’re not really interested in invading each other. We’re all one big Eurovision family!

Anyway, enjoy the show – and let’s see how our favourite countries get on.  Most of my favourites will probably go through – but fingers crossed for Switzerland. Just a hint – as the UK will be voting tonight on the BBC3 show.

Back tomorrow with comments about the show and winners.