Copenhagen Blog: Day 14

Words by Hass Yusuf, photos by David Ransted

So we have a winner! Well done Conchita and Austria. I really thought that many narrow-minded countries in Europe would put a stop to her winning, but I guess most gay, lesbian, transexual, transgender and liberal minded person voted her her. And I would like to think that they also voted for the song!

I’m delighted with the result – because Rise Like A Phoenix was my third favourite of the contest. My first, Israel, never made it to the final, and my second favourite, Hungary, came a respectable 5th.

The winner!

The winner!

Unfortunately we came just 17th. But Molly did us proud. And from the Big 5 we came second again.

Let’s all wish Molly a successful career.

Okay – after two weeks here in Copenhagen, time to go home. But well done Denmark on a fantastic show.

David and myself will hopefully see you next year in Vienna! But you can read all about this year’s contest in the next issue of Vision magazine, out in July.

Wave good-bye Molly. Power to the people! Thank you.