Vienna Blog Day 14!

Words by Hass Yusuf, Photos by David Ransted.

It’s the early hours of Sunday May 24th – and we have a winner!

Mans Zelmerlow of Sweden! Well that was a shock wasn’t it? It was a predictable winner ever since Heroes won the Swedish national final.

And it was no surprise that Russia and Italy made up the rest of the top three. Personally I would’ve preferred another country to have won – Sweden just hosted a few years ago – but this really was a worthy winner. And Stockholm is a fab place.

I felt very sorry for the hosts scoring nil points – they really put on a great show, and Vienna was amazing.

Alas, we came right down the bottom again – at least we had a few points. Electro Velvet did us proud, and the song still remains one of my favourites, but deep down we all knew it was never a Eurovision song. But thank you Bianca and Alex for doing your best. Maybe one of these years the BBC will actually welcome some advice from the fan clubs. We seem to know what clicks!

But we did have one UK win this weekend. Congrats to OGAE UK Secretary & Treasurer Simon Bennett on becoming the new President of OGAE International.

And let’s thank out-going OGAE UK President, Paul Marks-Jones, and out-going Ticket co-ordinator, David Ransted. But both will be still be around.

A full report on this year’s show will appear in the next issue of Vision – out in July.

So, from David and myself, it’s good-night Vienna.

Mans wins it for Sweden

Mans wins it for Sweden